"Thanks to Rich for delivery and taken time to set up my new Dyna-Flo. My 1st day of pumping with this pump WOW!!!! What a great pump, watching your video on-line this pump is capable of doing much more than advertised. I just back the Dyna-Flo into a previous dough 8’ to 10’ deep hole — hooked up discharge hose pulled PTO level on tractor and I was in business JUST THAT EASY!!!!!"

With setting the proper swivel adjustment (underneath PTO shaft) backing into dip water hole (8’ to 10’ deep) was no problem, which contributes to the outstanding design/mfg of the pump.

One of the reasons I purchases a 2nd pump from General Irrigation was because of the GREAT customer service General Irrigation gave me on issue/question I had with my first purchased pump many years back.

I worked (over 20yrs) for a mom/pop start up company, that designed/mfg great products, and with SMART advertising, grant/tax incentives/ect, and good customer service, turned a great prospers company, and this Dyna-Flo pump just reminded me as one of those great inventions."

Barry Hazer

"Kustom Machine has maintained a mutually beneficial relationship with General Irrigation and Dyna-Flo for many years. As Dana and crew have developed new products for their industry, we have worked with them from troubleshooting and manufacturing prototypes to eventually manufacturing production runs of successful product lines. Our engineering, cutting (both waterjet and saw), machining, fab & welding departments have all been utilized in General Irrigation/Dyna-Flo's growth as a local, national, and international business. It is an advantage to small towns in North Dakota to have a company such a General Irrigation who remains invested in their community and continues to use local businesses as a major source of their growth."

Lorrain Ptacek

"Down here in Austrailia, we have to prepare for the future. This Dyna-Flo Pump meets my future needs. I looked high and low for a pump like this. No one anywhere builds a pump like this.

I love this pump and the whole concept. It's very unique, built well and smartly engineered.

It suits me down to the ground. There is a specific need for this Dyna-Flo Pump in Australia. Dana and his wife Dorothy are wonderful people to talk to and deal with!"

Warwick Marsh

"I purchased a Dyna-Flo Pump from General Irrigation Oakes, ND after renting if for a couple of jobs. I find if works well for water removal. It was very helpful pumping water from a gravel pit allowing me to excavate more gravel for future jobs. I also use it to remove water form areas before installing lift stations for my tile projects.

It has a unique intake design that allows it to lift water from shallow pools of water."

Brian Vculek

"We bought the first pump that was built by Dyna-Flo to move some water on our family farm. We started thinking about the many other places on our farm where we could pump water off some ground and gain a few more acres we could seed and harvest. It didn't take long before we knew that purchasing the Dyna-Flo pump was a great investment. That was 2009. Since then, we have pumped millions of gallons of water from our farm ground, some to save a crop, some to make room for more plantable acre. Whatever the need, this pump turned out to be a great tool on our farm, and the service we received has been good too. We are happy with out Dyna-Flo Pump. Many of my neighbors and municipals have used it. I would recommend the pump to any buddy who needs to more water."

Edwin Erickson Jr

"I have been privileged to be the General Manager at Kustom Machine Inc. from 2005 to 2019. During which time, I was able to wok with Dana Roesendahl of General Irrigation and Dyna-Flo on many projects.

Through out the years, Dana's involvement in the community and city council, presented challenges and opportunities which Dana met head-on. One that comes to mind was the need to develop a walking trail compete with bridges. He came to us the the bridge idea, secured the necessary prints and permits, and to this day, the completed bridges stand as a testimony to Dana and the other commitment as community leaders, movers, and shakers. Dana seems to always be aware to needs and opportunities for growth and willing to tale steps necessary to see them through.

This is evident in his great service to the area's agricultural industry and de-watering needs through his General Irrigation and Dyna-Flo business. I was privileged to work with Dana on the development and manufacture of their Dyna-Flo Pumps. Again, I wish to point out how Dana saw the need to be able to move a lot of water quickly to avert flooding and put his ideas, acquired and developed over years of service, into action and created the Dyna-Flo. From the bearings used, right down to the design and manufacture of the impeller, Dana brought his ideas to fruition. We at Kustom Machine Inc. were pleased to be the ones working with Dana to help tweak the components and accomplish the manufacturing of the parts once the design was final.

Dana has always taken advantage of the opportunity to improve the component, and I believe the final designs were always very good. Dana continuously monitors performance and any quality issues and thus has progressively improved his product at every opportunity. This undoubtedly has led to additional projects, ideas, and opportunities for General Irrigation and Dyna-Flo.

I very much enjoy working with Dana and his crew. I look forward to seeing the new products and services coming from Dana and his crew for many years to come."

James Ptacek

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